Photo of The Author In Morocco

Imposter Syndrome is Real

This is my author photo. I use it for blog posts whenever I want to look like a professional writer. The trouble is, I don’t really believe I am a professional writer. I am suffering from Imposter Syndrome. “I’m Not a Doctor, But I Play One on TV” The definition of “imposter syndrome” (also known as imposter


David: A Life

The most time I ever spent with my brother David once we were grown and moved away from home was when he was dying. The things I learned about him over the course of those four weeks will be with me forever. I learned that he liked two Sleepy Time tea bags in one cup,

Egg Salad on Sourdough Bread with Dill and Iceberg Lettuce

On Love and Egg Salad

I was making egg salad today and thoughts of my dad came flooding into my mind. Why does egg salad remind me of my dad? Well, for starters, he never needed to consult a recipe before making hard boiled eggs, and I do.  He never used a recipe when he made egg salad for us


Running For My Life

Running came into my life and saved me when I was going through my first divorce.  It in some ways precipitated it and then saved it.  I watched the New York City Marathon one November in the late eighties and a switch went on.  I needed to run.  I had a friend from work in

Tennis club in Pardubice before German occupation

The Czech Question

In January of 1939, Adolf Hitler proclaimed that if a world war were to break out in response to his hegemony, it would result in the “annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe”.  This threat drove many Czech Jews to flee their homeland, in fear for their property and, more importantly, their lives. More than


Pardubice: The Early Years

What makes any one person a survivor? Is there a characteristic, an idiosyncrasy, that might lend itself to survival through one of history’s most horrific campaigns of mass genocide? Is it luck? Fate? Faith? Family? Or is it a series of synchronicities, uncanny coincidences, that add up to a reversal of fortune that defies all


Kitchen Catharsis

In this crazy pandemic world, there is only one place where I feel completely in control, and that is in the kitchen.  I was trained as a pastry chef and baker but over the years I am fortunate to have honed my culinary skills as well. Simply put, I know my way around the kitchen.

What are the top 5 ways to reduce stress

Not Your Average Coronavirus Survival Guide

There is a ton of advice out there right now on how you can grow as a person, thrive and even transcend the isolation, anxiety and fear the Coronavirus pandemic is inflicting on our daily lives. If you like feeling badly about yourself because you are not meditating, finding time to be in nature or


The End (of Isolation) is Near

And I Am Not Sure How I Feel About It I am not one of those people who thrives in the face of adversity, more specifically isolation, quarantine and a global pandemic. It would be a stretch to say that I am even getting the hang of it. But I now have my own systems


This Kale Salad Changed My Life

We are living in extraordinary times. The nonstop news coverage of the Coronavirus has driven many of us to feel anxiety, anger, fear, depression. It is a daily barrage of statistics including confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries, ventilators, PPE, antibody tests, jobs lost and unemployment claims, all set amidst a backdrop of tense political division. When

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