David: A Life

The most time I ever spent with my brother David once we were grown and moved away from home was when he was dying. The things I learned about him over the course of those four weeks will be with me forever. I learned that he liked two Sleepy Time tea bags in one cup,

Egg Salad on Sourdough Bread with Dill and Iceberg Lettuce

On Love and Egg Salad

I was making egg salad today and thoughts of my dad came flooding into my mind. Why does egg salad remind me of my dad? Well, for starters, he never needed to consult a recipe before making hard boiled eggs, and I do.  He never used a recipe when he made egg salad for us


Running For My Life

Running came into my life and saved me when I was going through my first divorce.  It in some ways precipitated it and then saved it.  I watched the New York City Marathon one November in the late eighties and a switch went on.  I needed to run.  I had a friend from work in

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